Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Calisthenic Beginner Routine Part 2

If you haven't read part 1, read it first here.

I am not going to explain everything again, so straight to the point.

Keep doing the Calisthenic Beginner Routine #1 until you can do 20 perfect Close Push Ups and 20 perfect Australian Pull Ups. Once you can do that, progress to this routine, which is essentially the same as the first one, but a few exercises change, and you will be alternating 2 different workouts with at least a day of rest between them, which is the simple A/B scheme.

Calisthenic Beginner Routine #2

Day A

1A) One Arm Australian Pull Up 2-5 x 10

1B) One Arm Push Ups 2-5 x 20

1C) Pistols 2-5 x 20

2) Leg Raises 1-2 x 15 (Once you can do 15 Leg Raises on parallel bars, start again with Hanging Leg Raises)

Day B

1A) One Arm Pull Ups 2-5 x 10

1B) Handstand Push Ups 2-5 x CC

1C) Pistols 2-5 x 20

2) Bridges 1-2 CC

CC = Just follow what the Convict Conditioning book says about reps and progressions, and do as many sets as you want depending on your goals (2 for pure strength, 5 for strength and mass).

I know you can't do One Arm Pull Ups, just start with an easy variation of the Pull Up, like the Top Pull Up Hold, and then keep progressing. Same thing with the rest of the exercises.

I have posted about how to do many exercises, check those posts. If I haven't posted about one yet, just read the book Convict Conditioning, which you should read anyway, on search on google for Al Kavadlo or any other bodyweight expert.

If you have any question, let me know.

Train hard,

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