Sunday, November 17, 2013

Where to hang your rings from

People love making excuses. They'll say they ain't got time for making it to the gym, or that they ain't got money for it, even if they have very expensive phones, and go out to party and dinner every single week.

So you tell them, "Hey, you don't have to have those problems anymore. Just make a little investment in a pair of rings, or suspension trainer. This way you will be able to train at home, without spending time and money going to the gym."

But then they will come with a new excuse. They'll say there's nowhere at home to hang the straps from.

So my intention with this post, is to give some ideas to those that really want to train but do not know where to hang their rings from, and at the same time to avoid those excuse-makers from lying to themselves with poor excuses. Now, they will have to invent another lame excuse about why they do not train, or face the truth, and maybe start to man up and train!

Find a place to hang your rings from

Change your point of view

You have to start seeing the world as your gym. Look for things to hang from and do Pull ups, places to climb and heavy shit to lift, be it wood logs or stones.
Now, start searching for a place to hang your rings from. Where do I usually hang them, or would if I had no other place?


Mines are actually suspended from a beam in my backyard. Look if there's any beam that can support your bodyweight in your house, garden, backyard, or near from where you live, work or study.


Most playgrounds have bars where you can do Dips, and Regular and Australian Pull ups. They are also a good place to loop your straps around.

Pull up bar

Hang them from a Pull up bar at your gym, park, or even from one of those you can buy for 20$ and place in your corridor or door at home. 

Sport facility

Any soccer goal or basketball basket is a good place for your suspension trainer, or to hang from if you do not have one, because you don't really need to buy anything to train and build and awesome well-rounded body.


In the center of Madrid, there are lots of scaffoldings because they are always rebuilding, fixing o renewing something. The good thing is that you can do Pull ups as you walk through the city. Some days I decide to do one Pull up on every bar I cross. This makes my trip more entertaining.


Bus stop

I have many times trained in a bus stop (something like 5 rounds of Squats, Pull ups and Push ups) while waiting for my girlfriend to arrive.

Tree branch

Maybe you do not live on the city and have none of the above, but I'm sure that if you live in the countryside you can find a tree with an almost horizontal branch. If you hang your rings from there, make sure they are leveled.

Another option is to hang a thick towel from the branch, and grab each side with one hand. This way, both hands will be at the same height, you will be able to rotate your hands, which will be in a neutral position, and you will develop a hand-breaker grip. If you use a towel, get rid of the tension you accumulate in your forearms, and it would also be a great decision to train your finger extensors to avoid elbow pain.


Well, I don’t think that many of you own a tank, but if you work on the military, you can use one to train or hang the rings from it, that would be awesome!


Get creative, or build your own Pull up bar!

I’m sure that you will be able to find one place from the above mentioned. If it’s not the case, then just get creative and use your brain to figure a place. I’m sure that if you really want to, you’ll find it.

If not, build your own Pull up bar in your backyard!

The other option is to hang it from the ceiling with a pair of anchor bolts and climbing buckles.

I hope this helps, and that you start to find a place for training in your life.

Stay focused.


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